Iceland provides a lot of marriage ceremony traditions to offer!

Some of these will be traditional to Iceland although some are a current twist. Nonetheless one thing is perfect for sure, the traditions are incredibly unique and special for this Nordic country!

Icelandic Customs for a Classic Wedding

A traditional wedding ceremony in Iceland is definitely a long affair. The groom taking walks his bride down the section, a pagan priest blesses the few and they say their particular vows to each other. Once the new bride finishes her ceremony, the lady then making a profit with her man to their reception where a feast is served for anyone to enjoy!

Another classic element is definitely the throwing of rice in the end of the wedding ceremony. This is a symbolic contact that symbolizes the mixing of two different ethnicities.

Thor, the God of Thunder and Son of Odin is likewise a prominent figure in Norse mythology great hammer Mjolnir is often placed in the bride’s lap seeing that she requests his benefits on their kids!

The wedding reception is a huge celebration with music, toasts and dancing. A traditional feast is usually served with food and alcoholic refreshments in abundance.

Icelandic wedding cakes will be state-of-the art work and usually made out of a conventional food handling business. A ring cake is a popular choice for Icelandic couples too!

Another important Viking tradition may be the exchanging of swords. A bridegroom would break into an ancestor’s tomb and get a sword that is consequently given to the bride. These kinds of swords are a great heirloom part to pass about from era to era and is a very significant part of the wedding party rituals.